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TDS Rate Chart Table

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The visitor may find clearly laid out tables in the last six webpages of this website, wherein tds rate chart lists are furnished for the benefit of those who are obligated to deduct tax at source and remit the same to the Income tax authorities.

PAN is an important index with which the tax credits are anchored when tax assessments are finalised. Where PAN is not provided by the payee, the payer is obligated to deduct a flat 20% .

The tds chart table is laid out distinctly categorising the information in the following manner:

  1. Nature of payments made to the resident. These rules are applicable to resident Indians and among these taxpayers too, there are different categories of payment involved and each of these categories attract different rates of taxes to be deducted at source. For example, Interest payment by Banks have a threshold limit of Rs 10000 and other financial dealers who make interest payments, including interest on company deposits, the threshold limit is Rs 5000.
  2. Threshold is the minimum amount of payment that attracts tds. For instance, if a payment made to a contractor on a single transaction is Rs 29000, there will be no obligation to deduct tax since tds rate chart shows the threshold as Rs 30000 for that category.
  3. The next three columns of these tds rate chart sheets cover three categories of recipients, viz., Company, Firm, Co-op Society and Local bodies in one category, the individuals and Hindu Undivided Families in the next category and those who have not furnished PAN in the third category.

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