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TDS Rate Chart Code

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Income tax law obligates the receiver of Income to pay tax, however, the responsibility of collecting the tax beforehand is vested with the payer of such sums and these deductions are authenticated by the particular section of the IT Act, which we refer here as TDS rate chart codes.

The TDS rate chart section codes are precise and by the mention of these codes one can recognise the nature and extent of tax.

  • Section 194A becomes TDS rate chart code for interest payments made by banks and other financial bodies
  • Section 194B is the TDS rate chart section code for winning from Lotteries or Crossword puzzles
  • Section 194C is the TDS rate chart code for payment to Contractors whether for the individual payment or the payment made for the financial year in question
  • Section 194D relates to the TDS rate chart section code for Insurance commissions
  • Section 194H is the TDS rate chart code for other commissions and brokerage payments
  • Section 194I covers the TDS rate chart section code for  payment of rents
  • Section 194J forms the TDS rate chart code for the Professional fees.

The TDS rate chart tables given in this site will give specific percentage of deductions to be made in each of these categories of payment.

Further the charts would also give the threshold amounts for which the TDS must be made and the percentage of tax deduction at source to be made in each case.

The rate of deduction is also related to the category of the receiving person and likewise whether the receipient is a PAN holder or not.

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