TDS Rate Chart
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We provide Information related to TDS in India, yearly TDS rate charts , and online TDS Softwares. We do not provide any downloads for the TDS software but only the information to get it.


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TDS Rate Chart


Charts For Tds Calculation And Compliance

This is a comprehensive website enabling an employer or a commercial payment maker to work out the tax to be deducted at source using the TDS rate chart it provides for the current year and also for the previous years. The tds charts published in this site are very reliable and accurate, since they are all given from authentic tds rate chart sources and updated to the moment.

Here is a TDS rate chart given for the current financial year, that is , FY 2011-2012:

The visitor to this website will also  find a host of useful information in the area of tax to be deducted at source in the following webpages, such as

  • Tds rate chart code, which describes codes used in the chart for classifying the categories of payment and deductible tds rates
  • Tds rate chart table,  which explains the various kinds of information furnished in the tds rate charts
  • Tds software, giving details of a tds software which enables the payer to obtain tds details and processing remittance electronically
  • Downloadable tds software, containing information on the commerce part of buying a tds software and
  • Tds rate charts for the years 05-06 to 11-12, one in each page, enabling the user to manually select the needed information for completing the tds statements and making remittances manually.

The page describing the tds software will explicitly give details  about eTdsWizard which is a software structured for calculation of tds by step by step procedure, linking the same to the account books of the organisation and further processing eTDS remittances.

The visitor is welcome to go through these pages to know more about this software, besides making use of the TDS rate charts provided for five previous accounting years, besides the chart pertaining to the current financial year.

TDS Rate Chart

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